Cases and BOXXes

The beginning of Sortimo was the case and the simple but brilliant idea, to put order to small components and yet have them ready for transport. Thus, the mobile workshop came into being. On account of this, Sortimo has dedicated itself to well thought-out organisational systems, which can be seamlessly integrated into van racking solutions. The case, together with an array of sliding and transportable boxes, is now more than ever, an essential component.



WorkMo stands for Work Mobility. Sortimo has developed a multifunctional system, which can be used as workshop equipment, transport system, mobile workshop and work station.

Sortimo WorkMo – the mobile work station for maximum flexibility!

Stackable functional modules

Individually arrange your WorkMo yourself according to the respective daily requirement.

Put together quickly and simply

Pack up, take along, assemble and get started immediately.

Flexible operation

Use the WorkMo the way you want it: as mobile workshop, workshop shelf, means of transport or as work station.

To be configured individually

You can design WorkMo individually by means of various modules and the extensive accessories programme.

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Sortimo Malaysia

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